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5 Deskercise Tips and Ideas for a Healthier Body

study reported that people who spend more hours of the day sitting are at a higher risk of developing certain types of cancer, than those who aren’t as deskbound. We all want to stay fit but, most of us are stuck on our chairs. For those saying staying fit while working the standard 8-5 hours daily is a tall order, please get your extra clothes ready at work as we summarized a list of doable office exercises to help you stay healthy.

Exercise is possible even when we are at the office, or even near our desk. Desk + exercise= “deskercise”

1. Tap-your-toe  to increase your cardiovascular endurance

We all have those boring moments at work, especially when our task for the day are done. One fun way to combat this is to do a deskercise. Speedily tap your toes under your desk.

Unless you’re running late, taking the stairs is also a good option!


Credits: Greatist

2. Do a book press

To do this, hold the heaviest book you have around. Hold it behind your head then extend your arms up. Drop it back down by your neck and repeat. This might seem like your normal stretching routine, but this is helpful in improving your triceps. Who says books are only for book lovers?

book press

Credits: Time

3. Desk squat

Merely standing from your desk as you stretch might not be enough. Instead, why not try doing the desk squat. Stand with your feet together, and then bend your knees slightly where your thighs are almost parallel to the ground (position is similar to sitting on a chair). While you are on this position, raise your arms up or towards the computer screen. Hold this pose for 15 seconds and release. Then repeat as many times as you can.

4. Standing Pretzel

Stand behind a chair and put your right hand on its back. Meanwhile, put your left hand behind your head, with your elbow out. Next, raise your right heel off the floor then bend your left knee. Lift out to side at hip level 20 times. Lastly, bring your left shoulder toward the hip then, release. Do this 20 times, before switching sides.

This hip exercise was first published on Fitness magazine.

Standing Pretzel

5. Leg curl and press

Here’s an exercise that can help you improve your hips and gluts, with your chair and a pen as tools. First, sit up straight on the left side of the chair’s edge with your feet together. Bend your left knee and place a pen behind it. Next, hold the sides of the chair flex your foot and curl your heel up towards the seat. Do this 5 times. Lastly, press your leg back 5 times while holding the curl. Switch legs; repeat.

This exercise was first published on Fitness magazine.

Leg curl

These are just some of the “deskercises” you can do. But keep in mind that staying fit and healthy is not an overnight task; it must be included in your lifestyle.