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5 Easy and DIY Decorating Themes for Your Home

Finally! You’re moving in to your new home. So, what now?

First thing that should be on your list is to find a way to set up your barely decorated space; goal should be to make the overall look or feel homey and coordinated, plus your space should ready just before your house warming party. And to help you achieve that, here are five theme ideas you can pick and start off easily according to your taste and personality.

Well Traveled

If you’re the type who loves to travel, you can decorate your space with your favorite finds or furniture which may be a remembrance from a certain country or place you’ve been to. Check out these few Travel themed décor:

— Go with a antique furniture, a vintage café au lait mugs, a mix of artworks or paintings, Victorian pattern carpet, wallpaper, curtains, and sheets.

Parisian Home Design

–Fill your bold patterned couch with colorful tapestry or pillows to achieve the gorgeous Morrocan feel.

Morrocan Home Design

– If you fell in love with New York, Inspire your space with minimalist, edgy yet clean pastel furniture and decorations.

American home design

2. Nature Lover

Bringing the feel of nature in your home and as a decorating theme is quite flexible compare to others since you can play around with it. You can use everything from the plant, wood, animal/insect, and fiber found or forged from nature.

nature home design


Try adding fresh green plants, cut flowers, stones, branches on your table top or even driftwood with your name on it; it could be a masterpiece or highlight piece in the room.

nature home design

Extra Tip: There are tons of DIY jars, pots for your plants that you can check and add to your collection for more creative and interesting pieces.

3. Birds and Blooms

If you’re looking for a softer and feminine appeal, this decorating theme is the right one for you. It specifically refers to the floral and bird prints with a romantic and traditional accent that amazingly sets the mood the moment you enter the room.

Birds and blooms

4. One or Two Color Theme

Simplicity is beauty. This by far is the easiest yet fun theme anyone can achieve. Just use one or two among your favorite colors with simple patterns as an accent in your room. Or, if you think the space looks boring, mix in all the colors but make sure it’s on small pieces of items. You can also download a color wheel on your smartphone to check which colors are complimentary, triad, etc.

one two color theme

5. Nautical

Last but not the least, the most popular decorating theme which everybody loves because it’s easy on the eyes and gives off a fresh and relaxing ambiance to any room.

nautical home theme

Keep treasures from vacation trips which tell a story and place it in a special place within your room or turn it into a centerpiece on your coffee table. Remember not to pick those usual fridge magnets. You can also put pieces on top of the other to make it more interesting.

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