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5 Reasons to Lease a LEED-Certified Office Building

LEED, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a green building rating system widely used in the world. It defines a scheme to construct healthy, cost-saving, highly efficient, green buildings. This certification is offered to contractors and building owners, who design, build and maintain structures in an environmentally conscious manner. LEED buildings save energy and resources, lower operation costs, optimize health, and are cost effective.

Five reasons to lease a LEED-certified office space:

Lower Operating Cost. These buildings are designed to consume less water and electricity.

Enhance Waste Control. Generally, LEED buildings have arrangements for recycling and composting. This effectively reduces the cost of removing waste.

Healthier and Happier Employees. Green buildings improve indoor air quality. It results in more comfortable work spaces and reduced number of employee sick days due to respiratory diseases, depression, and stress-related disorders. They positively affect public health, reinforce them to feel happier and healthier, and increase overall productivity.

Improve Employee Retention and Recruitment. Having a corporate address in a LEED certified building provides a favorable environment for working that may make hiring and retaining employees easier. Studies show that LEED-certified buildings help companies attract talented employees. Work satisfaction in LEED-certified offices also tends to be high which decreases employee turnover. This is found to be especially true among Millennials, who have been known to value working for employers that are leaning towards green initiatives.

Boost Corporate Image.  Local businesses with good environmental practices may be viewed as favorable by the public, most especially, with a certification in LEED. Being environmentally conscious positively impacts a brand which can give a competitive edge over the others.

One Montage, a grade A office building, is LEED Pre-Certified (Silver Category). It is the first of the three towers to rise in Montage located at Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City. Visit our website to know more about Montage.

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