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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Decluttering Your Condo Space

For most of us starting the year right means organizing your house, or your room to the very least. Looking at your disorganized room, and uncategorized stuff, the question we commonly face is “Where do I start?”

Set Goals

Setting goals is the first step in knowing where to start. You see, there are advantages and disadvantages in having a small condominium space. The advantage is you get to clean minimal space each time while the disadvantage lies in having limited space for all of your stuff (especially for those who have many).


So what is the main reason why you have decided to declutter? Is it merely to follow the trend, and because everyone else is doing it at the start of the year? Or is it to get rid of old stuff and redesign your space? It would help if you would list your goals. One day, you might be surprised that you have achieved them, or even surpassed them.

Let it Go

Decluttering means letting go of the thing you don’t really need. Letting go of the things that you don’t really need helps you organize and get the things that you really need in an instant. If you haven’t worn those pair of jeans for a while, you always have the option to donate it.

Most of us are having a hard time throwing away the things that have a sentimental value to us. May it be a letter your romantic partner has given you, or a piece of scented candle your old friend gave you for Christmas. You might want to reconsider and ask yourself if these are worth for keeps.

Let it Go

Go Green: Recycle, and Start Your Own Vertical Garden

Yes, you’re throwing away some of your stuff. But, letting go doesn’t just mean throwing them to the trash bin― it can also mean recycling. You might be surprised to find out that you can transform your tissue tube into speaker or your wine cork into a picture frame.

Another way to go green is having your own vertical garden. Who says gardening is impossible for those with limited space? Vertical gardens don’t really require much space and they are easy to maintain. You can hang your garden or plant seedlings from recycled soda bottles.  You might want to check out this tutorial by The Dirt.

vertical garden

Save Space through Furniture

According to Nicole Anzia one of the organizing and de-cluttering guru at Neatnik, one of the best strategies to declutter is to use furniture as storage. There are a lot of options to choose from in the market. Your dual-purpose sofa can store books, or your memorabilia underneath.

bed storage

Store your stuff underneath the furniture

A Little Bit Each Day

“People often say that they don’t have enough time to do any organizing, but everyone can find 10-15 minutes in their day to focus on at least one small space or project,” says Nicole Anzia. You may complete decluttering and organizing your space in a day but keep in mind that maintaining it is an everyday task. You have to be mindful where you place your car keys, or wash the dishes to the very least. Spending at least 10 minutes a day keeping things in place won’t hurt, right?

With these five things in mind, would you start decluttering your space?