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9 Most Common Christmas Gifts We Receive

It’s Christmas season, also known as the season of giving! Surely, everyone is looking forward to the gifts they might receive. But before the excitement, there is the confusion on the perfect gift to buy. This December, everyone is on the rush and at the malls looking for the perfect gift. For those taking advantage of mall sales and great deals at the bazaar, here’s a list of the most common gift ideas that everyone receives during Christmas season. Are your gift ideas on the list?

For Woman


Everyone loves to smell good, mostly women. There are also a lot of online shops that offer authentic perfumes in the Philippines.

The tricky part here is choosing the right perfume that will suit the tastes of the receiver. “Getting it right means you need to do a bit of research. Look for three things they love and find connecting note,” says Jo Malone, creator of two successful perfume businesses, including Estee Lauder. Choosing the right perfume also means a little bit of investigation; on whether the recipient currently uses and likes citrus scents or the hyacinth ones.


Jewelry gifts

According to James Garry, “Jewelry acts as an agent of personality,” or something that is part of our identity. Nevertheless, women (in general) love to own jewelry and wear it during special occasions, matching them with their outfit.Just like perfumes, it might be difficult for you to choose a jewelry that will suit to someone else’s taste. And just like perfumes, a little research about the person is needed. Don’t forget to take note of the size too.


From lipsticks to powders, every woman considers cosmetic products as a need and not just a want. As they say, it takes a lot of time (even hours) for a woman to prepare before going out of the house. Women just love to dress up and put some make up on and you can’t blame them for that. Whether putting makeup on is for fun or as a confidence boost, makeup is definitely an item for women and they will surely love any as a Christmas present.

For Men


It’s always best to have a functional and presentable wallet. Certainly, you wouldn’t want your man carrying around a tattered wallet, would you?


Watch gift

Kevin Gray of the Wall Street Journal says that “Typically, a man buys his first status watch to mark a career achievement, as a sort of one-handed high-five.” A wristwatch is a holy grail for men, just as women adore cosmetics and shoes. Note that the price doesn’t matter here. Whether it’s inexpensive or not, men will surely love this item.

For Kids

Stuffed Toy

For kids, nothing else will make them happy except for toys! A study has shown that children get emotionally attached to cuddly toys because they intuitively believe that they possess a life force. Kids would always want someone to accompany them and be on their side.


bicycle as gift

Kids generally seek adventure and would love to stay outdoors most of the time. Giving bicycle as a gift makes it to our list as biking is also a good form of exercise, especially for kids. Allowing kids to explore the outside and spend less time on electronic gadgets is a good idea, isn’t it?


Let’s face it, we have to be practical these days especially when prices are skyrocketing. And yes, having a pair of shoes is a must because you get to wear it every day. This item makes it to our list as this foot wears wear out in a matter of time, depending on usage. It would be a relief receiving a gift you wanted to buy for so long.


socks as gift

Fashion sense aside, socks protects our feet from sweat and direct impact on the floor. Indeed socks help keep us comfortable throughout the day. Hence, giving a pair of socks is like giving our love and comfort to the recipient. The entire gift items that made it to our list are for everyday use. As the recipient, it’s such a relief knowing that you will receive something that you badly need. Nonetheless, this season of giving is all about the love that we give. It wouldn’t matter whether you’re gift is unique or not. As they say, “It’s the thought that counts.” Love is one of the things you can perfectly give, and it is something you can’t buy with money.