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All green to go for Calyx Centre

As Cebu holds its collective breath for its first truly green hybrid building, the pressure is on for Calyx Centre to deliver. As of the start of this month, the construction has consistently done just that: delivered on its deadlines ahead of schedule.

“Concreting works is proceeding at an average two and a half floors per month,” says Engr. Ed Hitosis, Project Manager and consultant to Innobuild, the construction arm if Innoland. “At this rate, the topping off of the podium, where the amenities level is, will be by April 30.”

As of this writing, parking floors from the 2nd to 6th levels have been concreted, the ground floor for the commercial area stripped and cleared in preparation for masonry works, and all ramps leading to the parking and basement floors have been completed.

Even at this stage, Innobuild ensures that the tenets of Green Living it adheres to are upheld. “We use 100% recyclable materials for the construction stage.” Aluminum instead of single-use wooden forms are utilized, and even the pouring of concrete is accomplished in a way that the need for tapping is eliminated, fast tracking the finishing process. This saves energy, effectively minimizes waste production, and pushes the completion schedule even further forward.

“Worker welfare is also a major consideration for us,” adds Engr. Ed Hitosis. “Sanitation is in place for them, and even their barracks are structured so density is live-able.” A canteen is also organized that disposal of waste is proper, and a safety officer is always on duty.

Hitosis, whose firm E.R. Hitosis & Associates is responsible for the Manila Ocean Park, among other notable projects, concludes this about Innobuild. “For a local contractor to invest in these measures is extraordinary.”

Masonry works, which began March 15, 45 days ahead of original schedule, now leaves the month of May free for the early start of concreting on the residential floors and the start of finishing works for the completed levels.

The Calyx Centre has a considerable way to go with 17.95% completion. By the end of December this year, finishing of parking and office floors will be completed, as well as the concreting works of the entire building itself. Moreover, the green aesthetics will come to the fore as finishing of both the residential floors and the 10th floor amenities level will commence by the same month. As it proceeds towards topping off by end of December 2011, 2.04% ahead of schedule, Calyx Centre is all Green to Go.

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