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Hosting 101: 5 Ways to Welcome Your Weekend Guests

Weekend is just around the corner and I’m pretty sure most, if not some, would be inviting friends over for a weekend staycation or just a quick night cap. Ensure a comfortable visit for you and your guests with these rules of thumb in hosting.

Know your space limit

As the first rule of thumb, according to entertaining expert Dana Christine, don’t invite more than your space can accommodate to avoid cramping. Know the limits of your own home.

Make Space for Kids

Should you know that your friends will be bringing their children, best to provide a “kid space”. This is especially important if your place is an ode to an art museum where there are fragile stuff/ decors that kids may run over and break. Best to put away those precious things and prepare a basket full of coloring books, crayons and toys so the adults can enjoy while the kids play around.

kids hosting

Create a Retreat

Give your guest bedroom a ‘bed-and-breakfast’ kind of feel to help your guests relax. Make sure you dress the bed with fresh linens and blankets and use baskets to hold towels and toiletries for an extra touch. You can even place robes and slippers for the ultimate hospitality.

Guest bedroom

Ready the bathrooms

As with any place, always make sure your bathrooms are spruced. Simple indulgences like fresh flowers, lotions and even scented candles make a huge difference and lasting experience.

Guest Bathrooms

Easy Kitchen Fix

To avoid waiting on your guests, make a list of where things are in the kitchen. This is especially useful for guests who knows and loves to cook. Stock your fridge with quick fixes like salads and munchies and always be ready with drinks that will be easy to mix or prepare.

Lastly, plan group activities or games for the night to make your staycation a blast. Best of all, keep the fun clean, out away gadgets and simply enjoy your quiet retreat. This article was first published at