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The pros and cons of living near the City (Cebu)

The capital of the Southern Philippines, Cebu City is a bustling metropolis and still continues to boom effortlessly with several investors coming in. To live in a place like Cebu City where everything is within reach is such a privilege for most of the Cebuanos. If you plan to live close to prime business and commercial districts, you may find yourself scouting for condominiums right now.

A lot of factors have to be considered for you to decide the close to perfect condominium to live in. Let’s weigh in the pros and cons of living within Cebu city and help you choose if you’re up to it.


  1. Air pollution– You can’t seem to get away from pollution especially if you live by the road. However, there are certain areas that are lucky to still be able to enjoy the fresh air. Few of those places are Cebu Business Park and Cebu IT Park. There are several green, open spaces spread across these communities. No wonder condominiums have been rising in these areas. Two of those are Calyx Centre and Calyx Residences. Regarded as green buildings, its building features are designed to filter the air that passes through bringing more fresh air to the home owners.
  2. Noise pollution– There are several factors that may contribute to this type of pollution. It can be from the roaring car horns in a very busy road or from a nearby disco bar that plays loud music. According to a study published in Environmental Health Perspectives, long-term exposure to noise pollution is blamed for three percent of coronary heart disease deaths in Europe each year. Now, if you’re located and exposed to this type of pollution, you might want to sound proof your room.
  3. High rental rates- People from the rural areas are now slowly migrating to the urban areas because of work, accessibility to establishments, etc. This is causing an upward pressure on property prices and rental rates as supply struggles to meet the demand. But if you get to enjoy all of these conveniences, you just have to decide which one gives the greater value for your money.
  4. Congestion which can trigger stress and anxiety- A lot of us might not notice this but ever wonder why city people get irritated easily? Or are always in a hurry with a bad mood after a congested bus ride to work? You might want to consider condominiums offering amenities that can lessen or take away the stress the busy city has plotted for you.


  1. Everything is within reach– Living in Cebu City means you’re surrounded with a variety of establishments such as convenience stores, malls, hospitals and, restaurants that are open 24/7. Calyx Residences and Calyx Centre just happened to be two of the most strategically-located condominiums in Cebu City.
  2. More time for other pursuit– Condo living has been the latest trend over the past years and its mostly because of its accessibility to offices, schools and other establishments along with top notch lifestyle amenities allowing home owners to manage city living stress. These enable them to do more and enjoy a work life balance lifestyle.
  3. Less travel time– Choosing the right residential condominium in Cebu City could solve your commuting struggles you experience every day. Calyx Centre, for instance, is located in Cebu IT Park, one of the major business hubs in Cebu. If you happen to work at Cebu IT Park as well, you can just walk your way to office. It is also a few minute drive to other establishments which saves a lot of your time.
  4. More bonding time with family and friends– You don’t have to miss your family dinner or your friends’ party this time. Cebu City is home to several party venues for company events, birthdays, gatherings, etc. It will be so much better if you have a function room or social hall in your own condominium. No travel needed. Less hassle for you.

There are always pro’s and con’s in every decision we make especially in choosing the best place to live. We know there’s a long list of good points in making the choice to live in the city. You just have to choose the right residential community.

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