Frequently Asked Questions - Calyx Centre

What does CALYX mean?

It refers to the outer whorl of protective leaves (sepals) of a flower, usually green, shaped like a cup. In more visual terms, it is the cradle that holds the fragile blossom connected to nourishment and sustenance from earth.

It inspired the design philosophy of Cebu's first green, hybrid building. Calyx Centre provides spaces for living, working and playing ensconced in a protective shell of a green building that breathes, pulsates and thrives in an environment closely linked with nature; structure complements rather than isolates man from natural environment.

Do you have a generator?

Yes, 3 generators with a capacity of 1 MVA each.

Can a foreigner purchase a unit?

Yes, up to 40% of total residential units. Office and retail spaces are for lease only.

What are the basic finishes of the units?
  • 60x60 cm or 24”x 24”porcelain (homogenous) tiles 
  • Granite kitchen counter top with stainless steel sink and kitchen cabinets
  • American Standard bathroom fixtures with shower enclosure
  • Low flow water fixtures 
  • Bedroom closets
  • Solid wood main door 
  • Painted cement walls and ceilings 
  • Operable windows 
  • Provisions for inverter type Air conditioners, window or split model according to size of units
What are the different types of unit?

Each typical floor has

  • 12 Studio units ranging in size from 25.94 sq.m. to 3131 sq.m. 
  • 1 Single Bedroom unit at 49.36 sq.m. 
  • 2 Two Bedroom units from 69.95-94.46 sq.m. 
  • 2 Three Bedroom units from 104.84-107.8 sq.m.
How many units does each floor have?

Each floor has 17 residential units from the 11th to the 24th floor.
The Podium has 3 floors of office space with a total footprint of 2,300 sq.m. / floor.

How many floor does the building have?

Calyx has 26 floors.

What does "green" mean?

Green is universally understood to mean ecology-driven initiatives integrated in design and function that respect the environment and harness natural elements to enhance life, In effect, reduce carbon footprint and the harmful effects of green house gas on our atmosphere that has triggered global warming.