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Keeping in-style this 2017 with the Color Green

According to Forbes, green is the color of the year, or Pantone 15-0343 to be more specific. Unlike in 2013 when emerald green symbolized luxury, this year’s color symbolizes humans reconnecting with nature and what is real; a way to disconnect from technology.

You might have decided to repaint your room or change your home decors for something green. New year, new look, isn’t it? Nevertheless, you don’t have to repaint your room or your condo space. There are cheaper and more nature-friendly alternatives in order to celebrate this year’s color.

Here are ideas that will surely get you in-style for 2017:

1. Play with the curtains

Change curtains from time to time for decorative and sanitary reasons. In addition, curtains are perfect buddies when you want to add up new colors and texture in your space. In choosing curtains, one thing to keep in mind is to consider the type of fabric, as this will dictate how well your curtains function and hold up over time. You might also want to consider the length. Curtains that fall flush on the floor create a modern, crisp look.

Play with the curtains

2. Pillow covers

Just like curtains, we change pillow covers regularly, making it a perfect way to keep in style this year. Adding green accents breaks the color monotony in your living space. Choosing between patterned or plain greens depends on your taste. Just keep in mind that in other areas, say in your bedroom, the interior design doesn’t have to be too loud as it is a place for relaxation.

Pillow covers

Green pillow covers provide that relaxing feeling in your bedroom (actual photo of Serenis model house).

3. Slip Covers on chair cushions

A chair’s slipcover is another element we get to change more often. Why bother changing slipcovers when you get to sit on the chair anyway? Not only are slipcovers helpful in redecorating your room and in bringing life to old furniture, they also help prevent stains due to spoilage on the seat itself; making it easier to clean.

Slip Covers on chair cushions

Image source: Homesfeed

4. Two-tone framing mats

According to American home décor guru Martha Stewart, two-tone framing mats bring “vibrancy” without the need to repaint an entire wall. They also make the colors pop, and not letting your wall look too flat.

Two-tone framing mats

Image source: Martha Stewart

All of these elements add texture to your condo space. This means adding accents in your room that will help it stand out and not look too flat and boring. This also means having balance and contrast in your room― adding a little amount of each element.