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How to clean your house in one hour or less

Cleaning the house usually takes time. It can even take up your entire rest day. It can also get really tiring that you can’t do something else after.

Have you been wanting to change this routine? By following the one-hour formula for tidying your entire abode, you can have a rest day well spent. Just prepare these items: cleaning playlist, set timer, and cleaning tools. Also, get ready with your happy dance moves since you only have 10 minutes per room. Timer starts now!

(Disclaimer: This might not be applicable if your house is the size of Hadid’s.)

Living Room: 10 minutes

  • 2 minutes: straighten up
  • 1 minute: dust as needed
  • 4 minutes: vacuum floor
  • 2 minutes: wash windows
  • 1 minute: wipe down coffee table

It’s nice to start with your living room since it’s usually the one that is cluttered, unless you turned it to your second storage room.

Bathroom: 10 minutes

  • 2 minutes: straighten up
  • 3 minutes: clean toilet
  • 1 minute: wash mirror
  • 2 minutes: wipe down sink/counter
  • 1 minute: take out trash
  • 1 minute: wipe down shower

Take note on the time. Remember to be careful while grooving on the wet bathroom floor.

Bedroom: 10 minutes

  • 3 minutes: straighten up
  • 3 minutes: vacuum floor
  • 2 minutes: wash mirror/window
  • 1 minute: wipe down dresser

Bedroom #2: 10 minutes

  • Repeat! but be more groovy

Kitchen: 10 minutes

  • 2 minutes: straighten up
  • 2 minutes: wipe down counters/sink
  • 1 minute: wipe down table
  • 3 minutes: sweep floor
  • 2 minutes: take out trash

Dining room: 10 minutes

  • 2 minutes: straighten up
  • 1 minute: dust as needed
  • 3 minutes: vacuum
  • 2 minutes: wipe down table
  • 2 minutes: wash windows

There you go, a tidy house in an hour or less. Do this anytime of the day. You’ll be impressed on how you’ve quickly transformed your house into a visitor-ready home.


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