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4 Tips for Office Space at Home

Most of us find that bringing office work at home is burdensome. But for some, home is an ideal place to finish work. Hence, having a home office is not such a bad idea, especially if having one equates to your personal productivity. The key here is time management—just remember to allot some time for yourself and for your loved ones.

So for you home buddies, here are some tips in carving out your home office.

1.Be yourself. Keep it simple.

This is your personal space for work, so why design it based on a trend? Whether you like rustic, loud, colorful, or a monotone color palette, the important thing is you are you when you are in your office space. Critics have nothing to do with the office space you are working on.

Colorful workspace

2. Organize. Organize. Organize.

Who wants a cluttered workspace? For an office worker, it is typical to have the feeling of wanting everything to be within reach. From pens, notepads, paper clips, folders and files, you want everything to be in one grab and then, you are good to go.

organized workplace

organized cabinets & drawers

It is also important to organize your wires. One useful tip is tying them under your desk. It is also helpful to label them, as shown in the photo below:

organized plugs

3.Light it just right.

It is ideal to use natural lighting in your workspace but, this is not applicable at all times. When using artificial light, make sure to adjust it and put it at the right spot.  Also, make sure to measure the size of your tables and chairs. This will allow you to have room for your legs to rest. Also, this is important in maintaining the correct eye level towards your computer screen.

lights and fixtures

4. Design and Comfort.

Experiencing comfort does not mean compromising design. Others find comfort in seeing a lot of color around them while others find comfort in something that is simple and monotone, as shown below:

design and comfort

Achieving work-life balance might be a little challenging. Nevertheless, creating a workspace at home does not hinder the work-life balance that you want. With proper time management and organization, you can always separate your work and personal life. Just like here at Calyx Centre, the work-life balance that you have always wanted is within reach.