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Innoland’s Commitment to Going Green

Green buildings are intended to maximize environmental, economic, and social performances. From the design and construction to its renovation and deconstruction, green methods can be incorporated at any of these stages.

Significant benefits can be achieved if the integrated approach is applied at the earliest stage of the building project. The environment benefits by having an enhanced and protected biodiversity and ecosystems, while improving air and water quality, and reducing waste streams. Minimizing operating costs and optimizing life-cycle economic performances are the economic gains of a green building. An increase in social welfare can be seen through the enhancement of occupants’ comfort and health, and improvement of overall quality of life.

Developers in the Philippines have long adopted green construction methods that build efficient systems for saving energy and water, managing waste, and recycling. Sustainability has become a big issue in this country’s corporate landscape; a need to build more green buildings, a need that key real estate players are satisfying.

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