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Must-visit Food Places around Cebu City

#Foodporn is one of the most widely used hashtags for those social savvy; who doesn’t love food especially when it is photo perfect? And as they say, food keeps us together. Family get-togethers will never be complete without food. Here in Cebu, it’s #lechoncebu that dominates the posts with #food. But, there’s a whole lot more in Cebu that deserves that hashtag. Here are five food places around the city that you should definitely try complete with an Instagram or Facebook post:

1. Lantaw restaurant (Busay, Lahug)

Lantaw means “overlook” in English, but in Busay it means good company with good food. The Lantaw restaurant, located in Busay, Lahug, allows you to literally overlook the Cebu City skyline. It’s a great place to dine with your family and friends while having a good view of the sunset. Their long tables allow room for everyone. It is chilly at the top, and this is best enjoyed with their Tinolang Halaan. They also serve Sisig, Chopseuy, Baked Scallops, Calamares, and Lechon Kawali.

lantaw busay cebu city

2. The Burrow Lounge (Lahug)

Craving for chicken on a Saturday night? Just go to The Burrow Lounge and you’ll get unlimited chicken and rice! The best thing is the chicken wings they serve come in three flavors: Asian BBQ, Classic and Chili. You won’t just be enjoying the food, but also the place, as you can see and feel the city life of Lahug itself. There is a hotel beside it and 2 cafes too. Weekend night outs is also best with a glass of beer in nearby bars.

Burrow Lounge

3. Brique (Lahug and Ayala Center)

Considered one of the must visit restaurants in Cebu, Brique, with a simple and straightforward ambiance, is a perfect spot for a night with friends. Their menu is composed of delicious meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as a range of specialty breads and drinks including a variety of wine for sweet pairings. Experience good food with great company at Brique.

Brique restaurant cebu city

4. Bucket Shrimps (Capitol Site and Lahug)

Satisfy your shrimp cravings here at Bucket Shrimps! This place literally serves shrimps in a bucket and the taste is surreal. Here, you can enjoy eating with your hands which for some, makes a more enjoyable experience. An added fun is they provide you with a paper apron which resembles their logo; saving you the possible mess.

Bucket Shrimps Cebu City

5. Pizza Republic (Lahug)

Let’s face it, we all have different preferences especially when it comes to pizza toppings. Pizza Republic brings you the freedom to “Pick + Mix” your favorite pizza toppings, making every bite an immeasurable experience. Making your own pizza with family and friends sure is fun, isn’t it?

Pizza Republic Pick + Mix

Now all that is left is to visit these places and have your fill! Who says Cebu only has lechon to offer?