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Which Color Best Fits You and Your Room?

As they say, the color of your room reflects your personality. Whether you like it light or dark, one thing must be kept in mind—and that is to stay who you are.

Psychology of colors

It is said that color is a reflection of who we are as an individual, but little did we know, colors have a subtle way in affecting our mood too. According to Jeannie Matteucci of HGTV, “color makes a tiny room feel larger, or a spacious one feel more intimate, without the time and expense of actually moving walls.” Colors may have the power to uplift your mood, just like what a bowl of ice cream can do.

Psychologists suggest adding colors for different parts of the house, depending on the room’s function. But for those living in a condominium, a single color for the entire unit might do.

What each color says


According to Mihai of Fresh Home, red is a good choice if you want to stir up excitement especially at night.  Viewing red under a lamplight appears muted, rich and elegant.

red dining area


Pink is considered to be the closest color next to red. And when we say pink, it’s usually associated to being too feminine. But according to architectural consultant Bonnie Krims, pink makes people feel good especially when they are paired with some gray in it. Pink brings out the playfulness in you, as you go along and pair it with other colors and furniture. Vibrant pink also best fits a space wherein you want more energy, ideally in your work space.



Yellow is known in bringing sunshine and happiness. Designers suggest that adding a hint of yellow in kitchens and dining areas adds an energizing and uplifting vibe. But, yellow is not recommended for main color schemes as studies show that people are more likely to lose temper.

Yellow Room


Refreshing, rest, cool—these words best fit the color green. Contrary to the cheerfulness of yellow, green cools things down. It is also believed to relieve stress and help with fertility; making it a good choice for the bedroom.

green bedroom


When we say blue, we often think of the sky and the ocean. Indeed, blue is consistent in bringing the feelings of calm and freshness. An added plus is it is versatile, as different shades of blue bring different moods. As an example, light sky blue is believed to bring tranquility, while darker shades such as navy blue may bring drama.


These are of course the most basic of colors you can use. No matter what your preference is, keep in mind that you can always mix and match. So go ahead and play with colors and enjoy making your space more like home.